Power, Corruption & Lies

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Today I met two villains

Today I woke up around midday to an empty house. Everything was very tranquil, the birds were singing and the sun was shining. When I got up I went into the lounge where I met Tom Crow. Tom Crow is a resident of the Underworld and he had a lot to say. He was tall and skinny and his skin was all black and ashy. He knew I was thinking about suicide and made his voice loud to drown out my own thoughts. He was spritely, full of energy with a nice voice demanded my attention. He has been watching me and living vicariously within my life. He can read and alter my thoughts apparently. He told me he knew what was best for me and so I let him talk. Maybe I should have resisted becasue he brought a friend with him. She didn;t have a name and was silent. She was short and more plump, with ashy black skin to match Tom's. She violated me in my living room, on the couch. I was helpless to do anything as she was strong and I am weak. It felt like a dream where I couldn't hit hard or run fast. Tom watched me in my distress whispering how it will all be better soon. I looked at him he smiled. I hate them they know I'm dead. This is not my first experience with their kind. Around since I was hit by a strange car early last year I have had several visitors. Most are intangible or easily ignored. Tom Crow was different. I feel I have been imprinted, like I won't forget this forever. Soon, I will take my own life. I can't handle this world, I am weak. I am told to think of the simple things but all i can think about is decaying. I want to decay and be turned into soil. This is a happy soultion which will please wverybody. I will be seeing Tom again soon I imagine haha.

Power, Corruption & Lies
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